National Forest GC Championship Format

(Venue: Ashby Croquet Club, Moira, on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2019)

Revised format – updated 15/05/19:

  1. The entries from the highest ranked 16 players will be accepted if oversubscribed at the allocation date (18th May).
  2. Assuming a full entry of 16 players and favourable weather conditions, the format will consist of two blocks of eight, with each player playing everyone else in their block and the top two from each block progressing to the semi-final. In the event of two players being tied on number of game wins, qualification places will be decided by playoffs if time allows.
  3. The semi-final and final will be best of three games, whilst the remaining 6 players from each block will be divided into two groups of 3 based on their block position. There will therefore be two plate competitions, one where the 3-5 ranked players play their opposite numbers from the other block, and similarly the 6-8 ranked players play their opposite numbers from the other block. The 3rd/4th playoff will be a single 13 point game.
  4. Time limits will not be used unless weather jeopardises the schedule, or AMD in the case of games severely impacting the schedule of play.

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