New GC Rules 2019

The new Golf Croquet Rules (5th edition) come into effect in the UK at the beginning of March 2019.  As well as being more user-friendly than previous editions, the new Rules cover a few new situations that were not previously addressed, and they remove some unnecessary inconveniences and complications.

The main changes are to do with the rectification of “wrong ball” situations; also the extension of the penalty spots which now become semi-circular areas; and a small change to the procedure for dealing with balls leaving the court boundaries.

Many thanks to Tim for his excellent comprehensive introductory session to the new GC Rules, also to Martin for arranging the Magic Attic venue, and of course to Janet and Judith for providing the refreshments.

The casual club player is unlikely to notice much difference, but keen tournament players may wish to study these PDF documents on the World Croquet Federation website:

Principal changes to the Rules

GC Rules 5th Edition