Ashby GC B-Level and C-Level tournaments: procedures for dealing with entries

GC B-Level, Saturday 17th August: Although our B-Level GC tournament is already over-subscribed (at the time of writing 15 entries for 12 places, all CA Premium members), we are still accepting entries until the allocation date of June 16th.  Just to clarify, the procedure at the allocation date for dealing with entries is (as per the Tournament Regulations and the procedures on p73 of the CA fixtures book):

  • Priority 1: Places are reserved for the Manager, the winner of last year’s tournament, and two Under 21 players (under 21 on the day of the tournament and either a CA Premium or Young Person Member).
  • Priority 2: Any player who is a Premium, Young Person or Overseas Member of the CA, or who is a member of an overseas association claiming reciprocal rights.
  • Priority 3: All others.

Within a priority band, players shall be selected in descending order of ranking by GC: CGS Grade at the allocation date.  Any players not selected will of course get a full refund of entry fees paid.

If necessary, this procedure will also apply to our C-Level GC tournament on Saturday 8th June, allocation date April 20th.