Mick wins the Charity One Ball club heat

Saturday 27th April, Moira Report by Arthur

Six players braved the unseasonable cold and drizzly weather to contest the Ashby heat of the national charity one-ball competition. It was played as one-ball-plus, as last year, in an incomplete block format. Five of the twelve matches were completed within the hour time limit. Half the matches were decided by only one or two points. Mick and Richard both had strong starts winning their first two games; they met in round 3 which went to Mick, who then went on to beat Arthur in the final round to secure the gnome trophy. Adam played accurately and finished 2nd with the only player on 3 wins.

Results: Mick 4 wins, Adam 3 wins, Richard and Arthur 2 wins, Mike 1 win, Heather 0 wins.

Our club heat raised £70 (plus Gift Aid) in donations for the Alzheimer’s Society charity from players and non-players – many thanks to all. Richard will represent Ashby in the national final at Surbiton on May 12th.