Mick Haytack wins Ashby heat of the All England GC Handicap

Monday 27th May, Moira Report by Tim

Janet Harker offered to play in this event at the last moment and ended up being unlucky to miss out on a golden hoop in the final round to be the clear winner. She also was unlucky in being third of the three players tied on two game wins, leaving Mick Haytack and Julie Boulton to contest the play-off to decide who qualifies for the the regional final.

In the play-off, Julie played very steadily (as she had done all day) and used her five extra strokes sparingly. Having played well to bring the game back to 5-5 but then lose the eleventh hoop, she was unfortunate only to run hoop 12 with red by only a couple of inches from 15 yards! She then decided to play her final extra stroke immediately but only to play red to the side of the hoop.

In response, Mick played his black ball as first approach to good position. The black survived Julie’s clearance attempts with yellow and then red, leaving Mick to run hoop 13 and take the win. He qualifies for the regional final, which is at Ashby on 3 August.

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