CA Federations Shield: Ashby 2-5 Westmorland

Sun 2nd June, Moira Report by Martin (Ashby’s non-playing captain)

In this inaugural CA golf croquet inter-club handicap tournament featuring a representative club from each Federation, a showery Sunday saw Ashby welcome a team from Westmorland who had stayed overnight at the Appleby Inn (make your own connections).

Basically, Ashby lost 2-5 and as usual the scores don’t really reflect how close the games were.

Thanks to everyone for playing and enduring a couple of heavy showers.  Special mention to Heather playing in her first golf croquet match, despite complaining about not doing well during her first game after lunch, she won the three games 2 to 1.

Ashby: Ray Mounfield (3), Julie Boulton (7), Lynda Allen (10), Heather Hardy (10)
Westmorland: Mike Hayward (3), Mike Hodgson (6), Dave Edwards (7), Nancy Gregory (8)

Ray & Julie lost to Mike & Mike 4-7, 7-4, 6-7
Lynda lost to Nancy 4-7, 4-7
Heather lost to Dave 5-7, 6-7
Ray beat Mike Hayward 7-6, 7-3
Julie lost to Mike Hodgson 5-7, 5-7
Lynda lost to Dave 4-7, 5-7
Heather beat Nancy 4-7, 7-4, 7-5