Murphy Shield: Ashby 5-0 Belsay Hall

Tuesday 11th June, Moira Report by Ray

Ashby welcomed a team from Belsay Hall, Northumberland, for a first-round Murphy Inter-Club Shield GC match. The Belsay players had travelled down to Leicestershire the previous day, so were refreshed and ready to go. However the weather was not particularly kind, with rain and wind most of the day.

Ashby started well, winning each of the morning singles matches in two games. The doubles spread across lunch but was also eventually won by Ashby.  In the afternoon the Ashby C & D players again won their matches in two games (although Brenda did push Martin to hoop thirteen in their first game).

With the contest already decided in favour of Ashby the captains decided that the other two singles games be settled as draws, with one game each, allowing Belsay to head home at a reasonable time.

Ashby now meet Hunstanton in the quarter-final.

Results (Ashby team names first):

Christine Mounfield (2) & Jane Tewson (3) beat Eric Nixon (2) & Derek Johnson (5) … 7-5, 4-7, 7-5

Ray Mounfield (3) beat  Brenda Johnson (9) … 7-2, 7-3

Martin Wroughton (4) beat Anthony Turner (7) … 7-5, 7-5

Christine Mounfield v Eric Nixon 6-7, 7-5 (3rd game not played)

Jane Tewson v Derek Johnson 7-5, 6-7 (3rd game not played)

Ray Mounfield beat Anthony Turner … 7-3, 7-5

Martin Wroughton beat Brenda Johnson … 7-6, 7-5