Heather Hardy wins the National Forest AC Handicap Singles Weekend

June 15th & 16th, Moira Reporter & non-playing manager: Arthur

A small field of hardy players (excuse the pun) contested the National Forest AC Handicap Singles weekend, when they were subject to torrential downpours mixed with occasional sunshine. The field was comprised of players from Ashby and Huddersfield, and so the first two games felt like a team match rather than a singles competition. There was a mixture of excellent and so-so play from all players, and everyone won at least one game.

By the final game on Sunday, there were two players in the reckoning to win – Heather Hardy and Mick Haytack. Mick needed to beat Richard Sanville in the last game, and for Heather to lose to Rena Souten. Mick did his bit in an exciting finish after Richard had pegged off one ball, Mick then hitting in and making 3 hoops and a posthumous peel before winning +1. Heather was one ahead when time was called in her game, but Rena didn’t manage to make any more hoops and so Heather emerged as the winner. She also qualified for a Bronze award, completed her first two 26pt games, and finally earned a handicap reduction from 20 to 18.

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