Heather wins the Ladies’ Perry Bowl

Sat 27th July, Moira Report by Eileen

The Perry Bowl Ladies Handicap Golf Croquet Tournament was played in pouring rain. Ten Ashby lady club members bravely faced the elements! Jenny Biggs was the score keeper and the driest! 

The Tournament was shortened by one round when everyone decided that they had got wet enough! We did have a winner and three close runners-up. Any of the four could have won if the fifth round had been played.

Heather was declared the winner with four out of four wins. She was presented with the Perry Bowl Trophy and a bottle of red wine.

Winner: Heather Hardy 4 wins
Runner-up: Janet Harker 3 wins +16
3rd place: Lesley Leitch 3 wins +9
4th place: Julie Boulton 3 wins + 6