Ashby finish third in East Midlands 26-point AC league

Sat 3rd Aug, Nottingham

After winning the regional 26-point Association Croquet league for the last two years, we had to settle for third place this year. After a promising 2-1 victory over Leicester, we narrowly lost 1-2 to Pinchbeck after three close games, and in the final match we were convincingly beaten by the hosts Nottingham. Well done to Derek for recovering some of his form and winning two out of his three games.

Nottingham won the event overall with a clean sweep of victories, and they will represent the East Midlands in the Secretary’s Shield national AC knock-out competition next year.

Ashby 2-1 Leicester
Mick Haytack (8) 20-26 Richard White (-1)
Richard Sanville (10) 19-18 Lawrence Whittaker (8)
Derek Buxton (18) 26-13 Richard Whiting (9)

Ashby 1-2 Pinchbeck
Mick Haytack (8) 23-26 Adrian Kirby (-0.5)
Richard Sanville (10) 22-26 John Filsak (3)
Derek Buxton (18) 17-14 Patricia Duke-Cox (12)

Ashby 0-3 Nottingham
Mick Haytack (8) 13-26 Alex McIntyre (5)
Richard Sanville (10) 9-26 Mark Lansdale (12)
Derek Buxton (18) 8-26 Roger Watson (14)

Other results
Nottingham 2-1 Pinchbeck
Nottingham 3-0 Leicester
Pinchbeck 3-0 Leicester

Final placings
1st Nottingham (3 match wins)
2nd Pinchbeck (2 wins)
3rd Ashby (1 win)
4th Leicester (0 wins)