Secretary’s Shield AC: Chester 7-0 Ashby

Sat 24th August, Chester

Ashby travelled to Chester in a bank holiday heatwave for the semi-final of the Secretary’s shield, a national AC club knockout competition contested by the winners of the previous year’s regional AC leagues. Chester had already played two matches to reach this stage, whereas Ashby had had an easier route with a bye in the first round and a walkover in the second round.

In the morning Mick and Derek took part in a close doubles match losing by -2, while Richard and Heather both finished -8.

Chester won the afternoon matches even more convincingly, with three of them finishing +16, and they progress to the final to play either St Albans or Kington Langley.

Chester: Robin Tasker (6), David Guyton (6), David Boyd (6), James Thomas (8)
Ashby: Mick Haytack (8), Richard Sanville (10), Derek Buxton (18), Heather Hardy (18)

David G & David B 23-21 Mick & Derek
Robin 19-11 Heather
James 21-13 Richard
Robin 26-10 Mick
David G 25-9 Richard
David B 26-10 Derek
James 22-17 Heather