Macmillan Charity Collection/Christmas Meal

The charity collection for Macmillan Cancer Support (croquet’s national charity for 2020) in lieu of Christmas cards now stands at £67 from donations at the AGM and Christmas Meal. Many thanks for your generosity. If you haven’t yet donated and wish to do so, Richard can collect donations at the New Year’s Day croquet.
Update 01/01/20: Further donations of £10 on New Year’s Day brings the total collected so far to £77 (plus Gift Aid). This will be added to donations we collect at the forthcoming Charity One Ball tournament in early May.

Thank you to Julie for organising an excellent Christmas dinner at the Lakeside. If any of you have preferred dates (or dates to avoid) for next year’s Christmas dinner, please could you let Julie know at the New Year’s Day croquet or before the committee meeting on January 14th, so we can get a date booked in the calendar.