Winter Socials Report

COUNTDOWN  Tues 21st Jan
Five Countdown stalwarts competed in another hard-fought battle.  The top two placings were the same as last year, but this time with Christine finishing as the winner and Eileen runner-up.

ANNUAL QUIZ  Tues 18th Feb
Despite some roads still being flooded in places in the wake of Storm Dennis making travel quite difficult, we had a good turnout of 16 for the quiz, arranged into five teams, with questions on everything from place name origins to advertising slogans.  The toughest round turned out to be the one on international football strips, but perhaps most worryingly the round on which most scored full marks was on mental disorders!  And in a major surprise, the Long Eaton ‘Clueless’ team beat Mick and Co in the board games round!  First place overall went to The Stumps (the Haytacks and friends), with the Black Sheep in 2nd and Clueless 3rd.

WINTER WALK  Sun 1st March
The weather couldn’t decide between winter and spring, with a rain shower at the start and then bright sunshine punctuated by a brief hail shower.  Seven of us enjoyed a circular walk of four miles around Calke Park and the Dimminsdale nature reserve, finishing with hot drinks and refreshments.