Ashby Croquet Club Limited Opening from 13th May

From Wednesday 13th May, the Government has written that people will be allowed to take unlimited exercise, and be able to play sports with members of their own households or one other person. Details on the website linked here:

 The CA advice allows only one singles game per lawn:

This is likely to put pressure on lawn space, and a lawn booking system will be needed given that there can only be a maximum of 6 players. So we now have an Ashby section on, and it is populated with all the adult playing members other than Distant ones, or ones with duplicate email addresses (eg Arthur is in the list but Judith is not). The site is here:

You can use your username (first initial followed by surname – Arthur’s is arowe), or your email address. If you do not have access and need it, please contact Arthur. Please change your password. To do this, click on ‘Users’ when you will see your details. Click on your name and you will be presented with two boxes to change your password. Passwords must contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, as in the default sent by email.

You will be presented with a calendar and just need to click on your preferred start time. The default session length is 3 hours, but you can alter that in the pop-up box. You can choose AC or GC, or Maintenance.

You should generally book a session with an identified opponent. There will not be any club sessions as such. Please use the membership list circulated by email to contact potential opponents. If you wish to practice, please only book on the day, and post contact details with the booking so someone can challenge you to play if the lawns are full.

So following the updated advice from the CA, the following are what we should be doing:

1) Maximum lawn capacity will be 2 players per lawn (ie 1 singles game).

2) Members should bring their own chairs to the club.

3) Members should wear their own gloves to handle club equipment (and/or their feet in the case of balls).

4) The open shelter cannot be used by more than two people.

5) The adjacent closed shelter should not be occupied.

6) Given the limited usable shelter, fine weather or hardy players will be needed!

Enjoy your croquet!