Work Party – Sunday 24th Feb

To take advantage of the early spring-like weather, Martin is looking for help with various tasks this Sunday morning (Feb 24th) from 10am. Tasks include using mowers to tidy up, repairing/painting stop boards, and top-dressing low points on lawn 3.

New GC Rules 2019

The new Golf Croquet Rules (5th edition) come into effect in the UK at the beginning of March 2019.  As well as being more user-friendly than previous editions, the new Rules cover a few new situations that were not previously addressed, and they remove some unnecessary inconveniences and complications.

The main changes are to do with the rectification of “wrong ball” situations; also the extension of the penalty spots which now become semi-circular areas; and a small change to the procedure for dealing with balls leaving the court boundaries.

Many thanks to Tim for his excellent comprehensive introductory session to the new GC Rules, also to Martin for arranging the Magic Attic venue, and of course to Janet and Judith for providing the refreshments.

The casual club player is unlikely to notice much difference, but keen tournament players may wish to study these PDF documents on the World Croquet Federation website:

Principal changes to the Rules

GC Rules 5th Edition

Winter socials: Countdown and Quiz report

COUNTDOWN  Tues 15th Jan
Eight people contested this year’s Countdown competition, with Chris M and newcomer Emma progressing from the first heat, and Eileen and Ray qualifying from the second heat. Eileen was the overall winner of the final, with Chris a close runner-up.

ANNUAL QUIZ Tues 12th Feb
Four teams of four took part in a very closely-fought quiz run by Richard, with the top two teams both finishing on 73.5 points. Ashby Residents +1 (Lesley L, Joy, Lynda and George) were declared the winners after a tie-break, just pipping the Mealworms (Martin, Ray and friends). Three Degrees + 1 were third with 68, and the Long Eaton No-Hoopers fourth with 66 but they made up for it with an almost clean sweep of the raffle prizes! The reverse bingo was won by Eileen.

End of 2018-19 Winter Play Season

Martin has decided that there will be no more winter play this season at Ashby due to the lawn conditions.

Many thanks to all who have participated this winter.

The main season starts on Sunday 31st March.

National Forest GC Championship Format

(Venue: Ashby Croquet Club, Moira, on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2019)

  1. The entries from the highest ranked 14 players will be accepted if oversubscribed at the allocation date (18th May 2019).
  2. Assuming a full entry of 14 players and favourable weather conditions, the format will consist of two blocks of seven, with each player playing 7 cross-block games and the top two from each block progressing to the semi-final. In the event of two players being tied on number of game wins, qualification places will be decided by playoffs if time allows.
  3. The semi-final and final will be best of three matches, whilst the remaining 5 players from each block will play the 4 other non-qualifying players from their block in the plate. The plate winner will be determined on the basis of all the games between non-qualifying players from both days. The 3rd/4th playoff will be a single 13 point game, likely played between the semi-finals and final.
  4. Time limits will not be used unless weather jeopardises the schedule. With 3 lawns and 14 players there will be one game sat out. It is expected that the block games will be completed on Saturday, with 49 games to be played.

National Forest GC Championship page

Rachel and Will in Melbourne

Arthur and Judith took Rachel to Birmingham Airport on 8th January for the long flight to Melbourne; Will had flown out on the 3rd, and has now finished his first week at work. Today they have been playing croquet at Brunswick croquet club, as a respite from looking for somewhere to live more permanently that airbnb places.

New Year’s Day tournament

Tuesday 1st January – report by Martin

There were six teams for the first croquet of 2019, the weather was just on the verge of removing a jacket layer, and the ground was relatively dry.

With the usual manipulation of the order of play, the post-lunch final was between Tim & Jenny and Mike & Derek. The eventual winners were Tim and Jenny in a close match, congratulations to them!

Two of the spectators were roped in to a needle match against our winning pair. Will Gee used a club mallet and Rachel Gee borrowed Christine’s “Merlin”. After a few wild opening shots from Will, the game settled into a nice cadence, alternate hoops being won and no clear domination. Hoop 12 was fiercely competitive, Tim and Jenny had effectively got the hoop blocked and won when Will shot from 5 yards, split open the block and ran the hoop to win 7-5.

Best wishes to the Gees as they start their new adventure in Australia, and thanks for competing in a special match.

Lunch was a nice mix of soups and sandwiches, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Winter Leagues

The current leaders of our Winter Sunday league are: Tim 120, Jenny 102, Mike 98, Derek 98, Eileen 96 (includes results up to and including December 16th).  Click here for detailed scores compiled by Tim.  The Sunday league now takes a break for Christmas, resuming on Sunday 6th January.  Players are welcome to join the league at any time – sessions start at 11.00 am.  If you would like to book a place for the Carvery at Conkers afterwards, these need to be booked in advance each week, so please let Jenny know by the Saturday evening at the latest so she can include you in the booking.

The last Winter Wednesday session of the year is on December 19th, with a break on Boxing Day and January 2nd.  The first scheduled session of the new year is January 9th at 11.00 am.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.