Ashby GC B-Level and C-Level tournaments: procedures for dealing with entries

GC B-Level, Saturday 17th August: Although our B-Level GC tournament is already over-subscribed (at the time of writing 15 entries for 12 places, all CA Premium members), we are still accepting entries until the allocation date of June 16th.  Just to clarify, the procedure at the allocation date for dealing with entries is (as per the Tournament Regulations and the procedures on p73 of the CA fixtures book):

  • Priority 1: Places are reserved for the Manager, the winner of last year’s tournament, and two Under 21 players (under 21 on the day of the tournament and either a CA Premium or Young Person Member).
  • Priority 2: Any player who is a Premium, Young Person or Overseas Member of the CA, or who is a member of an overseas association claiming reciprocal rights.
  • Priority 3: All others.

Within a priority band, players shall be selected in descending order of ranking by GC: CGS Grade at the allocation date.  Any players not selected will of course get a full refund of entry fees paid.

If necessary, this procedure will also apply to our C-Level GC tournament on Saturday 8th June, allocation date April 20th.

New GC Singles Internal League

Eileen and Jenny have devised a new format for our GC internal singles league, the aim being to attract more players to take part in the league, and also to encourage more games to happen.

You can play anyone else in the league as a 13-point level-play game, and you can play each player up to three times over the course of the season.

You can play up to 20 league games in total during the season, and you must play at least ten games to be considered in the final results.

The winner at the end of the season will be whoever has the highest average score (i.e. total points scored divided by number of games played).

A large colourful scoresheet will be available for recording results.

Winter Walk report

Sunday 3rd March

After an unseasonably warm end to February, the weather was back to normal for the start of March, with cooler and wetter conditions returning, but this did not deter the five of us who braved the occasional showers for a six-mile circular stroll from Conkers Waterside.  We started by taking the old railway trail to Donisthorpe, with views over the croquet grounds along the way, before continuing along lakeside paths to Oakthorpe and Willesley Wood, and then on to the café at Hicks Lodge for a refreshment stop, and finally back along the woodland path and canal to Conkers.

Preparation for the new season – help welcome!

Hello everybody,

Starting Monday 4th March, I am asking for help every Monday and Sunday from around 10 am to prepare the lawns, stop boards, paths, benches etc.

Anyone who can take on a specific task like the painting, bench repair etc, they are most welcome to take it on as homework!

Rain will stop anything being done.


Work Party – Sunday 24th Feb

To take advantage of the early spring-like weather, Martin is looking for help with various tasks this Sunday morning (Feb 24th) from 10am. Tasks include using mowers to tidy up, repairing/painting stop boards, and top-dressing low points on lawn 3.

New GC Rules 2019

The new Golf Croquet Rules (5th edition) come into effect in the UK at the beginning of March 2019.  As well as being more user-friendly than previous editions, the new Rules cover a few new situations that were not previously addressed, and they remove some unnecessary inconveniences and complications.

The main changes are to do with the rectification of “wrong ball” situations; also the extension of the penalty spots which now become semi-circular areas; and a small change to the procedure for dealing with balls leaving the court boundaries.

Many thanks to Tim for his excellent comprehensive introductory session to the new GC Rules, also to Martin for arranging the Magic Attic venue, and of course to Janet and Judith for providing the refreshments.

The casual club player is unlikely to notice much difference, but keen tournament players may wish to study these PDF documents on the World Croquet Federation website:

Principal changes to the Rules

GC Rules 5th Edition