CA B-Level GC Tournament at Moira


B-Level Golf Croquet one-day tournament at Moira.
  Open to GC handicaps 3+. This is a CA fixture, part of the national B-Level GC series held at clubs around the country. The winner of each event is eligible to compete in a national final held towards the end of the season.

Previous winners:
2014 Chris Jackson (Long Eaton)
2015 David Widdison (Bishops Monkton)
2016 Roger I’Anson (Ripon Spa)
2017 Stuart Smith (Northampton)
2018 David Ball (Leighton Linslade)

Ashby GC B-Level and C-Level tournaments: procedures for dealing with entries

GC B-Level, Saturday 17th August 2019: Although our B-Level GC tournament is already over-subscribed (at the time of writing 16/03/19: 15 entries for 12 places, all CA Premium members), we are still accepting entries until the allocation date of June 16th.  Just to clarify, the procedure at the allocation date for dealing with entries is (as per the Tournament Regulations and the procedures on p73 of the CA fixtures book):

  • Priority 1: Places are reserved for the Manager, the winner of last year’s tournament, and two Under 21 players (under 21 on the day of the tournament and either a CA Premium or Young Person Member).
  • Priority 2: Any player who is a Premium, Young Person or Overseas Member of the CA, or who is a member of an overseas association claiming reciprocal rights.
  • Priority 3: All others.

Within a priority band, players shall be selected in descending order of ranking by GC: CGS Grade at the allocation date.  Any players not selected will of course get a full refund of entry fees paid.


Sat 18th August, Moira

David Ball of Leighton Linslade (Bedfordshire) was the winner of our GC B-Level tournament which was contested by eight players.  In the all-play-all competition run by Martin, David was the only player to win 5 of his 7 games.  Four people finished on 4 wins, top of these being Ashby’s Jane Tewson with a hoop difference of +11.


Sat 19th Aug
Manager and reporter: Martin

A good day’s croquet with the ideal 12 contestants for three lawns. We had three visitors from Long Eaton, two from both Northampton and Ripon, one from Richmond Park, the rest being Ashby members.

At lunch, there were 2 players tied on 3 games each, but, probably fuelled by Jenny’s sausage casserole, by tea time Stuart Smith was the clear winner, having won all six of his games.


1st Stuart Smith (h’cap 3), Northampton, 6 wins, +22

2nd Paul Durkin (4), Long Eaton, 5 wins, +13

3rd Mike Bilton (3), Richmond Park, 4 wins, +15
4th Eileen Buxton (6), Ashby, 4 wins, +4

5th Louise Smith (8), Northampton, 3 wins, 0
Also on 3 wins: Martin Wroughton (3) and Roger I’Anson (3)

2 wins: Sue I’Anson (8), Richard Sanville (7) and Jane Tewson (6)

1 win: Julie Boulton (8) and Joan Skuse (7)

Game scores:

Jane 7-6 Mike; Julie 2-7 Stuart; Richard 7-2 Sue; Roger 7-4 Louise; Joan 6-7 Eileen; Paul 7-2 Martin

Jane 3-7 Sue; Julie 3-7 Martin; Richard 5-7 Stuart; Roger 2-7 Mike; Joan 6-7 Louise; Paul 7-2 Eileen

Jane 5-7 Roger; Julie 7-4 Joan; Richard 7-6 Eileen; Paul 7-4 Sue; Mike 7-6 Louise; Stuart 7-1 Martin

Jane 3-7 Joan; Julie 6-7 Paul; Richard 2-7 Mike; Roger 3-7 Stuart; Sue 4-7 Martin; Louise 6-7 Eileen

Jane 1-7 Martin; Julie 5-7 Eileen; Richard 5-7 Louise; Roger 4-7 Sue; Joan 4-7 Stuart; Paul 7-6 Mike

Jane 7-6 Richard; Julie 4-7 Roger; Joan 1-7 Mike; Paul 5-7 Stuart; Sue 1-7 Eileen; Louise 7-5 Martin

Thanks to all who took part, especially as not one referees decision was needed.


Sat 20th Aug  Manager: Martin

Roger I’Anson of Ripon Spa won Ashby’s GC B-Level tournament at Moira.  Runner-up was Steve Marsh of Bakewell and Ashby.


Sat 22nd Aug, Moira

Twelve players in the handicap range 3 to 8 contested our second annual B-Level GC competition at Moira.  As well as four Ashby players we had entrants from a wide area ranging from Yorkshire to the Thames valley.  The winner of this one-day competition was David Widdison of Bishop Monkton (Yorks).  Runner-up was Mike Bilton of Richmond Park (Lincs) and in third place was Ashby player Mick Haytack.  The winner qualifies for the national B-Level final.  Thanks are due to Jenny for catering and Martin for organising the event and managing to bring the tournament to a conclusion just before the heaviest of the showers arrived.


Sat 23rd Aug  Report by Martin

For the first time Ashby hosted a ‘B’ Level Golf Croquet tournament open to Croquet Association members from around the country in the GC handicap range 3 to 8. This is part of a national series of ‘B’ Level tournaments held over the course of the season, and the winner of each tournament progresses to a national final in October.

Here are the results of our B level tournament: 1st Chris Jackson (Long Eaton and Nottingham); 2nd Mick Haytack (Ashby); 3rd Kath Wright (Long Eaton and Nottingham); 4th Les Heard (Northampton).

We had a pleasant day with the ideal number of 12 competitors, travelling from as far as Fylde and High Wycombe.  All games were fairly equal and competitive.  The consolation doubles match (for wine) was fiercely contested and was won by Jean Ball (Leighton-Linslade) and John Hansen (Sapcote).

The winner of the B level received a framed print of a croquet scene from Hurlingham which turned out to be a very acceptable prize.