Coors Cup and Bass Shield

Coors Cup and Bass Shield

The Coors Cup and Bass Shield is an East Midlands Golf Croquet level-play tournament, sponsored by Molson Coors Brewing Company. It is an inter-club tournament organised by Ashby Croquet Club on behalf of the Federation of East Midlands Croquet Clubs (FEMCC), and is open to all East Midlands players, with a maximum of six teams of three competing.  We used to play it as a pre-season event on outdoor astroturf pitches at Shobnall Leisure Complex in Burton, but in recent years (2011 onwards) it has become a spring event on our lawns at Moira. 

The tournament consists of a number of rounds of singles level-play 13-point Golf Croquet games, usually played to a time limit of 35 minutes.  Each player plays a minimum of six games.

It comprises two competitions played concurrently:
Bass Shield: Awarded to the winning team of the tournament. Teams consist of three players.
Coors Cup: Awarded to the best individual player on the day.

COORS CUP Previous winners:
2005 Barrie March (Ashby)
2006 Mick Seagrave (Southwell)
2007 Christine Mounfield (Ashby)
2008 Arthur Rowe (Ashby)
2009 Tim King (Ashby)
2010 Arthur Rowe (Ashby)
2011 Ray Mounfield (Ashby)
2012 Christine Mounfield (Ashby)
2013 Mike O’Brian (Ashby)

2014 David Bell (Leicester)
2015 Mike O’Brian (Ashby)
2016 David Bell (Leicester)
2017 Chris Jackson (Long Eaton)
2018 Peter Reed (Sheffield U3A)
2019 Martin Wroughton (Ashby)
2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic

BASS SHIELD Previous winners:
2001 Nottingham (played as an AC astroturf team competition)
2002 Ashby (played as an AC astroturf team competition)
2003 Ashby
2004 Ashby
2005 Ashby
2006 Southwell
2007 Ashby
2008 Southwell
2009 Sapcote
2010 Ashby
2011 Ashby
2012 Ashby

2013 Leicester
2014 Leicester
2015 Leicester
2016 Leicester
2017 Ashby
2018 Sheffield U3A
2019 Ashby
2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic


Coors Cup/Bass Shield 2020: cancelled
Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions on the numbers able to compete in competitions, the Coors/Bass tournament is not viable this year, so we have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the 2020 event. Entries for 2020 will be carried forward to 2021, unless teams opt to have their entry fee refunded.
Posted 21/07/20

Coors Cup/Bass Shield 2020: postponed
Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we have unfortunately had to postpone the 2020 Coors Cup/Bass Shield tournament which was due to have taken place on Saturday 16th May. This will be re-arranged for later in the season if circumstances permit, or if not then the event will be cancelled for this year. We will hang on to the participant clubs’ entry payments for the time being and carry these forward for the re-arranged event whether it be later this year or next year. Any club unable to take part in the re-arranged tournament will of course get a full refund.
Posted 22/03/20

Coors Cup/Bass Shield 2020: now fully booked
We have had an overwhelming response to next year’s Coors Cup/Bass Shield tournament on Saturday 16th May – all six team places have been booked within days of the details being sent to East Midlands clubs. The six clubs competing will be Darley Dale, Long Eaton, Bakewell, Ashby, Torksey, and Leicester. Any further entries will go on to a reserve list.
Posted 26/10/19


Saturday 18th May, Moira Report by Ray

The Ashby team won both the Coors Cup and Bass Shield, contested by six East Midlands teams.

All of the teams had previous experience in the competition so were fully familiar with the format. Block A consisted of Sheffield U3A, Long Eaton and Ashby, whilst Leicester, Darley Dale and Bakewell were Block B.

All of the teams had previous experience in the competition so were fully familiar with the format. Block A consisted of Sheffield U3A, Long Eaton and Ashby, whilst Leicester, Darley Dale and Bakewell were Block B.

The block winners were Ashby (9 wins, 2 draws) and Leicester (9 wins and 1 draw). The head to head between these two teams saw Ashby, with 5 wins out of 6, emerge as convincing winners of the Bass Shield, with Leicester finishing as runners-up. Last year’s winners, Sheffield U3A finished third in the team event with Bakewell fourth.

The Ashby players also took the first three places in the individual rankings, with Martin Wroughton, unbeaten, taking the Coors Cup with 5 wins and a draw. Runner-up was Mike O’Brian with 5 wins, then Christine Mounfield with 4 wins and a draw.

Team members:

Block A
Sheffield: Steve Marsh, David Bills, Pete Reed
Long Eaton: Chris Jackson, Joan Skuse, Nigel Hames-Keward
Ashby: Mike O’Brian, Martin Wroughton, Christine Mounfield

Block B:
Leicester: Alison Murray, Mark Buckley, David Bell
Darley Dale: Colin Turnbull, Margaret Marshall, Richard Sanville (guest player)
Bakewell: Jean Peters, Tim Spray, Alan Reeves