One-Ball Tournament

The One Ball AC Singles (Handicap) tournament is usually held as a curtain-raiser at the start of the season.  Usually played as a 13-point handicap tournament, time limit 40 minutes (although most games are much shorter than this). The number of bisques given in One Ball is a third of the handicap difference (with exceptions for handicaps below 2, as per Appendix 6 of the AC Laws).

In recent years, our One-Ball tournament has served as our club heat for the national Charity One Ball tournament, with the winner (or a substitute) having the option of participating in the national final at Surbiton.

In 2018 we started playing our own “One Ball Plus” variation of the rules in our clubtournament to encourage more interaction and the incentive of going for roquets.

One Ball (Plus) Croquet is not as complicated as Association Croquet, and Golf Croquet skills certainly come in handy. The winner has the privilege of looking after the Gnome Trophy for a year!

Previous winners:

2003 Evelyn Martin 2009 Rupert Knapton 2015 Richard Sanville
2004 Tim King 2010 Martin Wroughton 2016 Nick Mounfield
2005 Derek Buxton 2011 Ray Mounfield 2017 Derek Buxton
2006 Ray Mounfield 2012 Richard Sanville 2018 Arthur Rowe
2007 Arthur Rowe 2013 Christine Mounfield 2019 Mick Haytack  
2008 Eileen Buxton 2014 Arthur Rowe 2020 Richard Sanville

2020 REPORT   Played on Saturday 5th September  Manager and reporter: Richard

This year’s national One Ball final has been delayed by four months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so we in turn had to rearrange our One Ball Plus club heat which eventually went ahead on the first weekend of September.

As last year, we had six players in the 13-point tournament, but with reduced time limits (45 or 50 minutes for each round) which allowed us to complete an all-play-all competition. A game was recorded as a draw if the scores were level following the completion of the two turns after time is called. This was the case in the game between Mike and Rupert which finished 6-6. Only two of the 15 games were completed within the time limit, both involving Mick.

The overall winner was Richard with 5 wins out of 5. After trailing against Adam throughout his first game, Richard managed to snatch victory 8-7 in the final turn, and after that played consistently well. Heather and Mick both finished on 3 wins, with Heather winning the game between them.

Results: 1st Richard (5 wins); 2nd Heather (3 wins, beat Mick); 3rd Mick (3 wins, lost to Heather); 4th Rupert (1.5 wins, drew with Mike, hoop diff. -7); 5th Mike (1.5 wins, drew with Rupert, hoop diff. -17); 6th Adam (1 win).

Many thanks to everyone for their generous donations to Macmillan Cancer Support, totalling £70. When combined with the Christmas/New Year donations (£77) we have raised a magnificent total of £147, plus gift aid, for the charity.

Richard will represent Ashby in the one-ball national final at Surbiton on Sept 20th. Although the money raised entitles us to an additional place in the final, none of the other participants are available that weekend or willing to travel.

2019 REPORT   Played on Saturday 27th April  Manager and reporter: Arthur

Six players braved the unseasonable cold and drizzly weather to contest the Ashby heat of the national charity one-ball competition. It was played as one-ball-plus, as last year, in an incomplete block format. Five of the twelve matches were completed within the hour time limit. Half the matches were decided by only one or two points. Mick and Richard both had strong starts winning their first two games; they met in round 3 which went to Mick, who then went on to beat Arthur in the final round to secure the gnome trophy. Adam played accurately and finished 2nd with the only player on 3 wins.

Results: Mick 4 wins, Adam 3 wins, Richard and Arthur 2 wins, Mike 1 win, Heather 0 wins.

Our club heat raised £70 (plus Gift Aid) in donations for the Alzheimer’s Society charity from players and non-players – many thanks to all. Richard will represent Ashby in the national final at Surbiton on May 12th.

2018 REPORT   Played on Sunday 29th April  Manager and reporter: Arthur

Eight players contested the Ashby heat of the charity one-ball competition on an overcast and cold day, with a breeze but fortunately no rain. This year the charity is the Down’s Syndrome Association, and players were encouraged to wear green, although preference was given to warmth during the actual games. The Ashby heat was run using the ‘One Ball Plus’ version of the game developed by Mike and others to improve the interactiveness of the game. This worked well with both players getting plenty of play in all the games, and everyone winning at least one game. The format was one incomplete block of 4 rounds, arranged so that everyone got to play a reasonable spread of opponent ability, and ordered so that the top two ranked players met in the last round. We played with a one-hour time limit and 10 of the 16 games were completed.

3 players ended up with 3 or more wins. Adam Wheatley was the stand-out player in terms of winning games beyond his ranking with 3 wins. He was pipped for 2nd place by Mick Haytack who completed (to 13 points) two winning games against Adam’s one. Arthur Rowe ended up with 4 wins after a close battle with Mick in the last round, not reflected in the final score as Arthur was able to make a couple of decisive breaks quite late on in the game after Mick had not quite got a wired position. Judith is, as expected, ‘delighted’ to be hosting the Gnome trophy for another year!

Overall placings:
1st Arthur 4 wins
2nd Mick 3 wins
3rd Adam 3 wins
4th Mike 2 wins
Heather, Richard, Martin and Derek: 1 win each

Our club heat raised £50 (plus Gift Aid) in donations for the Down’s Syndrome Association.  Arthur was not available for the national One Ball final at Surbiton on May 13th, so Adam was our representative instead.