Instructions for the 2024 Doubles Competition

It is the responsibility of players to make their own arrangements to
play games by the deadline for each round. Each competitor is to liaise
with their partner and opponents and enter the time of their match on
the “Teamup” booking system.

In order not to delay progress, in the event of unplayed games at
the deadline date, both teams will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition.

Matches must NOT be arranged at Club night/Mix-In times (Tuesday
2-4pm and Thursdays 5–7pm), BYO days (last Thursday in month, 5-
8pm) or on a designated competition day (TBA).

PLEASE NOTE: Other club members should give way to booked
tournament matches, not distract players or play on the same lawn
as match being played.

Each round consists of 1 untimed match.
Handicap is defined as that at start of play on the match day and
free turns used where appropriate.
This is a ‘knock-out’ competition, with match winners going through
to the next round.
All match results to be entered, by the winners, in the spreadsheet on the Club website. (Note: doubles match results are not recorded on Handicap Cards).
The Doubles Final must be played on a date before the Single’s final.