Blewbury GC 7+ C-level 1 Day Tournament Require 4 more places ! Saturday July 3rd’21

This is posted on behalf of the Blewbury Tournament Secretary Michael Jenkins.

If you have any questions etc., please contact Michael Jenkins: mobile 0773 9339 236 or 01235 847 174

As you can see below, Blewbury require 4 more CA member entries[8 maximum on their 2 lawns]  for the Blewbury 7+ C-Level GC 1 Day Tournament @ Blewbury on Saturday July 3rd’21

Therefore, if you would like to enter and play, please do so via the CA website[Fixtures Calendar] in the normal way or please send your entry by email or post[entry form above] to Michael Jenkins – or to Dunluda Churchmere Road Sutton Courtenay OX14 4AQ.

Entry Fee:£17.00; CA Premium Member: £12.00; Club Member: £14.00