Playing Instructions for the 2023 Season

The Season has now started and is likely to finish in mid October.

The lawn is situated inside a walled garden, adjacent to the Main Car Park.

Club Members playing times are as follows:

Monday                 10.00am to dusk

Tuesday                10.00am to dusk

Wednesday          10.00am to dusk

Thursday               10.00am to dusk

Our arrangement with the Four Seasons Hotel does NOT allow play at other times.

  • ONLY TRAINERS OR SHOES WITH FLAT CONTINUOUS SOFT SOLES may be worn on the lawn. Bare feet are NOT recommended due to risk of injury from balls and mallets.
  • Club Night is each Thursday from 5pm onwards.
  • A ‘BYO’ evening(bring your own drinks/nibbles) will be held the last Thursday of the month, 5pm onwards.
  • Mix-inswill be held on Tuesdays 2 pm. Please try and arrive on time to take part in draw for first games. Each game will be re-drawn for partners/opponents, so later arrivals can take part in the next game. 
  • The code 1745 will open the Croquet Equipment Box combination padlock. The last persons playing MUST ensure all equipment is locked away in the Box and the notice board returned to a closed position.
  • There should be no reason for Club mallets to be taken away from the Club, so please just return them to the locker when you have finished playing with them.
  • Do not use the hotel equipment at any time(identified usually by lying unattended in gazebo or around lawn).
  • The Hotel has asked that, should Hotel Guests wish to play, we incorporate the guests into the game we are playing, or they may like to play on the Smalllawn.
  • Handicap Cards are to be completed for all singles competition matches.
  • Beginner Lessons may be arranged for New Members, please contact the Secretary.
  • Please look at the Club Website for Club News, Information, Lawn Booking, Members Contact List, Club Tournament Draws and Results.
  • Guests.Please put your name and the name of your guest in the Guest Book attached to the notice board, this includes children. A small charge of £2.00 per guest, per appearance, will be made and Members billed at the end of the Season.
  • Changes may be made to the above instructions during the season. If so, members will be advised by email and details will be on the club website.

Please contact the Secretary, Nick Snell, if you have any questions.

Tel: 01252 967082 or 07954 142645