Two trips to Gloucestershire – we needed a pick-me-up from Dr Foster!

The Federation (AC) team played at Cheltenham last Friday. Beautiful lawns but dastardly hoops. We saw Robert defeated by the classic Aunt Emma tactics of split up and join up with partner after a hoop for a long time. I think he was relieved to end the game. Kevin and myself overcame 7 bisques – taken in the main by the senior partner – to win the doubles. All to play for at lunch.

Paul was dreadful – least said, soonest mended – in the afternoon and lost by 21. Robert overcame 9.5 bisques to win just about as time was called. We watched Kevin, playing Robert’s morning opponent, attempt to take the his second ball from h3 to penultimate to win on time. Brilliant rolls to hoops, but he came unstuck during his attempt. We lost 3-2, an improvement on our last journey!

The GC level team played there on Sunday. The final score in that game was 7-13. This included several excellent wins by Jim and Mike beating illustrious opponents for 19 brownie points!