The first final

Peter Balchin and Kevin Ham beat Mary Huntley and Jim Beach in the final of the Golf Croquet Handicap doubles. There was always the threat of rain and when it came it was heavy but short. As Mary had five extra turns and Jim had four it was a game to be won and lost on the use of the extra turns. In the first game the score was 3-1 to Mary and Jim with one extra turn used, and on there one hoop Peter and Kevin were peeled. They never lost the lead and the fist game which took two hours, was theirs 7-6.

Peter and Kevin changed their tactics concentrating on extracting the extra turns. Helped by some good long clearances they won the second game 7-5.

In the third game Mary and Peter were more circumspect with their extra turn use and were 5-2 down but using five extra turns at hoop 8, gave them the hoop. All extra turns were gone at hoop 12. Kevin had first approach and was plum in front of 13. It was good and Kevin ran hoop 13. The final score after over five hours play, 6-7, 7-5, 7-6.