Association doubles 2019

The association doubles was won by Paul and Rob, they faced Garry and Clive and 12 bisques.  Play started later than planned at 1:30. Though rain threatened it never materialised. 

After 45 minutes play, with half the twelve bisques gone Clive is on four, Rob is on five., Garry blobs hoop one.  He takes a bisque with a poor hoop 2 pioneer, but it comes off, and and he goes around to penult with a controlled leave.  

This is not a dynamic game. Paul had his second hit of the game after 1 hour 45 minutes.   At 2h 45m the hoops are Paul 1 Robert 2 back facing Garry penult Clive one back with one bisque and the innings.  After 3h 40m Paul runs hoop 1.

A time limit is set at 6:30.  This inspires Paul, who runs hoop 2 and then does a 10 hoop 2 ball break stopping at rover. With one hour to play the score is Paul rover Rob 3 back Garry penult Clive 2 back and no bisques.

12 minutes to go. Clive has just run 2 back has a pioneer, at three back and gets it., But the turn ends. Rob is for rover blue and red are both peg balls. Everybody plays but nothing happens till Clive hits in and runs four back as time is called. He has a rush to penult but it the resulting shot at the hoop is not easy and penult is blowed. Paul and Rob win by the magical plus one on time, in the growing darkness.