The golf vase 2019

It was drizzling when Jim and Kevin put out the hops for the finals day.  First, the Golf handicap singles between Robert Upton (1) and Jim Beech (8) at 10:15.  Robert did some excellent long clearancesand the score was 6-3 to Robert approaching hoop10.  But Jim still had e extra turns and used them to good effect, to level the score and be first up to hoop 13, and in a hoop running position.  Two more good balls went up.  Rob sent his yellow trough the hoop by two inches.  Jim crafted a lovely jumpshot to win 7-6.

In the second game, Jim was 5-3 up with two extra turns remains. It was a long thoughtful hoop 9 won by Rob. Jim took an extra tun to gat one foot infrint of hoop 10.and the hoop was successful 6-4. Rob won hoop 11 but lost hoop 12. Jim wins 2-0.