Sarah Melvin does well in Barlow Bowl

Sarah Melvin took part last weekend in the CA’s Barlow Bowl for the best 6 ladies in the CA. She came joint second on 3 wins in games with 2 other players, each of whom had beaten one of the others. On net hoops, Sarah was on top of the 3! Well done!!

Grimshaw Cup

The Grimshaw cup for 2019 was won by John Evans. The hoops were set by Paul And Kevin earlier in the week. This was easier than at Dyffryn.

Though open to tennis members only Robbie participated, winning two games. There were nine Croquet members. Playing a Swiss of five rounds of 7 points (first to 4, handicap.) and a final.

John won all his games, giving a masterclass in the art of jumping.

Two trips to Gloucestershire – we needed a pick-me-up from Dr Foster!

The Federation (AC) team played at Cheltenham last Friday. Beautiful lawns but dastardly hoops. We saw Robert defeated by the classic Aunt Emma tactics of split up and join up with partner after a hoop for a long time. I think he was relieved to end the game. Kevin and myself overcame 7 bisques – taken in the main by the senior partner – to win the doubles. All to play for at lunch.

Paul was dreadful – least said, soonest mended – in the afternoon and lost by 21. Robert overcame 9.5 bisques to win just about as time was called. We watched Kevin, playing Robert’s morning opponent, attempt to take the his second ball from h3 to penultimate to win on time. Brilliant rolls to hoops, but he came unstuck during his attempt. We lost 3-2, an improvement on our last journey!

The GC level team played there on Sunday. The final score in that game was 7-13. This included several excellent wins by Jim and Mike beating illustrious opponents for 19 brownie points!

Grimshaw Cup

Sunday 21 July

This is an afternoon of handicap Golf Croquet on half size lawns. The precise format is based on the number of participants. Please arrive by 1:15 so I can sort out an order of play to begin at 1:30. It will come to a close at around 5:00.

Tennis players are most welcome, to take part and use the spare mallets. Basic coaching will be available from 12:00

GC Doubles 2019

By July 1Before Finals DayFinals Day
Diana & AdrianJim & Mary 7-4 7-6Jim & Mary 7-3 7-6
Jim & Mary
Mike & CliveMike & Clive 7-3
Julian & Chris
Sally & JohnSally & John 2-7 7-2 7-5Kevin & Peter 7-6 7-4
Joan & Lyn
Sarah & JayKevin & Peter 7-4
Kevin & Peter

AC Doubles 2019

By July 1Before Finals DayFinals Day
Sue & Rod
Julian & ChrisJulian & Chris +2TPaul & Robert +4T
Paul & Robert
Garry & CliveGarry & Clive +1T
Joan & LynJoan & Lyn +4T
Kevin & Peter

GC Vase Draw & Process 2019

DrawJuly1August 1B4 FinalsFinals
JimJim 7-4 7-2Jim w/oJim 7-3 7-5
PaulPeter w/o
LynLyn 7-1 7-2Lyn score?
Bye 2
GarryGarry 7-5 7-6Kevin w/o
JoanKevin 5-7 7-6 7-4
Bye 3CliveRobert w/o
MaryRobert 7-5 7-3
ProcessJuly 1August 1B4 FinalsFinals
JimJim 7-6 5-7 7-5Jim 4-7 7-5 7-4Jim 7-6 7-6
Bye 3
PaulJoan w/oSarah score?
SarahSarah 7-5 7-5
JayMike 6-7 7-4 7-5Mike 7-3 7-5
PeterKevin w/oKevin 7-4 7-6Kevin 7-4 7-6
Bye 2Robert

Woeful Week in Worcestershire (www)

Last week saw two teams visit Worcestershire, one on Thursday and one on Saturday. The first was an AC fixture in the Federation league. As a team, we came second with a score of 0-5. We wuz whipped! Worcester Norton certainly wanted revenge for the defeat at DG last year and got it in a big way. Your reporter managed 2 hoops in his singles in the afternoon…. Still, the drive there and back was nice, if a little quiet on the way home! That was due to sleepers, not the result…. They shall remain nameless!

On Saturday, the GC team visited Broadwas – oh! the delights of those lawns! – with Clive Moncrieff, making, I believe, his GC debut for the team. Clive managed a very creditable 1 win, 2 defeats, with 3 draws. The match result was 8.5 – 11.5 to the Broadwas team. Kevin Ham, Jay Dyer and John Cording made up the rest of the team.

Competitions – deadline approaches!

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for completing the first round of matches in the Dyffryn Cup and the Vase is rapidly approaching. They should be completed by 1st July. The manager is away – so the mice will not play? – at the moment. He’s probably sharpening his axe as we read….