About Us

Croquet is a great sport, and our club provides an environment to enjoy it both socially and competitively. For new members, we offer all the equipment, coaching, and playing facilities you’ll need to get going. For more experienced players we offer the chance to play competitively, both at home and representing the club outside.

Read more about and where we play and the history of the club.

Croquet Organisations

The club is a member of the West Midlands Federation, which coordinates clubs in the region, and organises leagues, development and coaching .

We’re also a member club of the Croquet Association, which is the governing body for croquet throughout England and Wales.



Monday/Tuesday 8th/9th June – THE HALSE CUP

Friendly association tournament for all handicaps

Handicap play

Holder: Brian Shorney

West Middlands Federation event 

Entries by e-mail to Tony Whateley t.whateley@sky.com

Sat/Sun 15th/16th August – THE TOMPKINSON SHIELD 

Holderer: Nigel Polhill

Level advanced play for handicaps -1 to 5

CA event entry via CA online system

Sun/Bk Hol Mon 30th/31st August – THE SALLY NICHOLS TROPHY

Holder: Adam Moliver

Level advanced play for handicaps 2 – 8

CA event entry via CA online system


Tuesday 1st September – ABNALLS CUP   …..to be confirmed

B  –  Level Tournament for handicaps 3 +

Holder: Jane Tewson

Invitational event: contact Richard Thompson


Our committee members for this year are:

Chair -Esther Jones

Secretary -Dr Tony Whateley

Treasurer -Keith Bishop

Lawns Manager -Paddy Heath

Webmaster -Dr Tony Whateley

Members of Committee

Sally Satchwell

Jenny Buchan

Richard Thompson

Steve Bellfield