The Club shall be called Edgbaston Croquet Club “the Club”.


The Club’s objective is to foster and promote the sport of croquet at all levels providing facilities for competition and recreation, to that end the Club will be a member of Croquet England.


Membership of the Club is open to anyone interested in croquet, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

Membership of the Club is open to any person completing the membership application form, signing the Data Protection agreement, and paying the relevant subscription as determined by the Committee at the time of joining.

Membership applications may be refused only for good cause, such as health and safety considerations, conduct or character likely to bring the club or sport into disrepute, as determined in each instance by a majority of Committee members.  Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to the members.

A number of classes of membership will be available on a non-discriminatory and fair basis including:

  • full membership
  • first and second year memberships
  • non-primary club membership
  • student membership
  • junior membership (under 16 years of age)
  • honorary life membership.  (Honorary life membership with no subscription payable shall be awarded by unanimous agreement of the Committee)

Other classes of membership may be created by the Committee as appropriate.


The cost of subscriptions will be recommended by the Committee and agreed by the members annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The Club will endeavour to keep subscriptions at a level that will not pose a significant obstacle to members, whilst maintaining the financial viability of the Club.  

Subscriptions are due on 1st January  each year and the Committee is empowered to terminate the membership of any member whose subscription has not been paid by 1st April.


The Club will appoint three Officers: a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.   The Officers must be full members of the Club and shall be elected annually at the AGM.  If more than one candidate is proposed for any office the full members of the Club will take a vote by ballot.  The Officers are elected for a term of one year but are entitled to offer themselves for re-election to the same or another office in subsequent years.


The Committee will consist of the three Officers and up to six Ordinary Members.  Ordinary Members will be elected by the Committee for a term of one year but they are entitled to offer themselves for re-election in subsequent years. Ordinary Members that have joined the Committee by approval at an AGM are entitled to vote at Committee Meetings. 

The Committee will meet at agreed intervals, not less than four times a year.   Meetings may be held at the Club or online / virtually if necessary.  Five members of the Committee shall form a quorum. 

Committee business may also be conducted if appropriate by e-mail with any decisions being recorded in the minutes of the next meeting.   

The Chairman shall preside at meetings of the Committee or the meeting may elect a chairman for specific meetings.

The chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote in the event of a voting tie in Committee.


The Committee will:

  • organise and control all the affairs of the Club on behalf of the Members
  • protect the ongoing financial viability of the Club
  • keep accurate accounts of the finances of the Club through the Treasurer.  These shall be audited by a qualified independent person and presented to the Members before each AGM
  • authorise certain committee members to monitor the Club’s bank account and to sign cheques or approve payments
  • co-opt members for special tasks within the Club as and when deemed appropriate
  • appoint sub-committees for particular tasks
  • appoint a Child Protection / Safeguarding Officer.


At least two and not more than four Trustees will be appointed by the Committee to be guardians of the Lease of the premises and other assets of the Club.  Upon resignation or death of an existing Trustee the Committee shall promptly appoint replacement Trustees.


The Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held not later than the end of February  each year. 

Twenty-one clear days’ written notice shall be given to Members by e-mail accompanied by an Agenda, Financial Report, Chairman’s Report and any other reports or documents deemed necessary by the Chairman.

The business of the AGM is to:

  • sign off the Minutes of the previous year’s AGM
  • approve the annual accounts
  • elect or re-elect the Officers and Committee members
  • fix Club subscription rates
  • discuss any other business.

Any alterations to the Club’s Constitution shall be discussed and voted on at an AGM or EGM, a draft of which will have been circulated to Members with the other AGM/EGM documents.

The AGM will be chaired by the current Chairman or by a deputy appointed by the Chairman.

Each member over the age of 18 shall be entitled to one vote at the AGM.

Any decisions taken at an AGM will be ratified by a simple majority of votes by show of hands from those full members attending the meeting.  Proxy votes will also be accepted if they are received by the Secretary 24 hours ahead of the meeting.  In the event of equal votes, the chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

A quorum for an AGM shall be 10 full members and 3 Officers of the Club.


In the event of inappropriate, disruptive, unsafe or unfriendly behaviour by any Member, the Officers of the Club shall be empowered to issue that Member with a written warning.  In the event of extreme or repeated inappropriate behaviour the Committee is empowered to expel that Member with immediate effect.


All surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in the club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties.


Upon dissolution of the Club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or Croquet England for use by them in related community sports.