Membership Information

Our  Club has been on its current site in this leafy area of Birmingham since 1915 and is part of the Calthorpe Estate. 

We are a friendly club catering for players of all abilities!

Our season runs from early April to end October.  We have three excellent full-size lawns, a small clubhouse and a permanent gazebo for outside entertaining. 

The  current fee for new members is £95 for a full season which will be discounted proportionately as the season progresses.  Second year membership will also be £95 unless a key is requested, in which case the full £200 subscription will be charged.  

Your subscription includes free coaching and the use of all equipment – including a wide selection of club mallets.

Annual subscriptions for established members are:

Full members: £200

Country members: £100 (i.e. belonging to another croquet club)

Students: £40

Juniors: £25

We play – and provide free coaching in – the two codes of croquet

Golf croquet (the quicker to learn version) and

Association croquet (the more complex version).

On our social club afternoons (Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2pm) Golf croquet doubles is mainly played, an ideal way to teach beginners.  The afternoons include tea and an opportunity to get to know our members.

Association croquet is played on Fridays and Sundays starting at 10:30 am each day and going on usually until mid-afternoon.  The club is then available for members* to come down and play or practice whichever version they wish. 

On Tuesdays during the months May to August there is club play of either  Association or Golf croquet from around 5pm into the evening. 

Members with keys are encouraged to arrange games privately or to come and practice at any time.  Thursdays  are sometimes reserved for corporate events but members are kept informed about these bookings and any other events, such as tournaments, that may preclude members’ play.

The club has a number of  in-club competitions tailored for both Association and Golf croquet players of all abilities.   Members who wish to take the game more seriously are encouraged  to represent the Club in league matches, and enter as individuals tournaments both at our Club and around the country.   You will be surprised at how many new friends can be made within the national croquet family.   Anyone wanting to find out more about this scene can check out The Croquet Association website,

Those just looking for a pleasant social scene locally will enjoy the two club afternoons a week and the pleasant ambience the club has to offer at all times.   Tea, coffee, drinks and light snacks are always available in the clubhouse and there is a BBQ area for members’ use.

On normal club days there is no particular dress code, the only constraint is that flat-soled shoes must be worn to protect our lawns.   Predominantly white clothing is worn for matches and tournaments. 

Members are welcome to bring along friends to play for a visitor fee of £5 per half day or £10 per full day.  (Maximum of 3 visits per guest per season). 

The Club is a member of The Croquet Association and hosts three tournaments annually.

It is non-profit making and is run by a Committee elected each year at an AGM.

Our current committee officers are:

Esther Jones (Chairman)
0121 455 6426

Tony Whateley (Secretary)

Keith Bishop (Treasurer)
0121 688 1020