If you are looking for an original hospitality idea this summer why not treat your clients and staff to a CROQUET PARTY in the pleasant leafy surroundings of our Club?


Our parties are both fun and relaxing and provide an ideal social and networking ambience.  It’s a game for all ages and genders!

The simple form of croquet played at parties can be learnt very quickly – but even this has some devious tactics which some players will pick up on quicker than others.  Our host will ensure that all your guests are shown the basics and will arrange games to suit everyone’s wishes.  They can be organised on either a friendly basis, where guests can choose to play as much or as little as they wish, or competitively in the form of mini tournaments.  You tell us.  24 players can be on the lawns at any one time, but we are happy to accommodate up to 40 guests.

DRESS as you like, but players MUST WEAR FLAT-SOLED SHOES.

CATERING:  the Club does not provide any food, drink or catering equipment but we can recommend caterers if you do not have your own.  A small BBQ area is available.  We have tables and chairs and a gazebo shelter.   We ask that you remove your rubbish/recycling after the event.

COST:  quotation will be given on request.  Please contact Esther Jones: email or phone 07962137657, or Richard Thompson: