The two usual Edgbaston AC tournaments are being held in 2024 as follows:

The Sally Nicholls Trophy B level took place on 8th/9th June with 10 competitors.
Although rapid improver Ged Smolskas (upon entry within the 2 – 8 handicap range but now down to 0.5!) was undefeated, he was given a good run for his money by the other competitors and, based on the flexible Swiss format, there were four runners up. A good time was had by all and our lawns were much complimented on!

The Tompkinson Shield A level will take place on 17th/18th August. Entry via the CE online system.

The 2023 annual A class Tompkinson Shield took place on 19th/20th August.

Andrew Gregory reports: “Jack Good won the Tompkinson Shield at Edgbaston. A full complement of 14 chaps gathered for the Super-B (or Stars Barred) tournament at Edgbaston. At the end of Saturday 8 players had 50% or better, so a knock-out was decreed. The final had defending champion Clive Goode play the up-and-coming 17 year-old Jack Good. Good was too good for Goode. Jack also collected the gold award for his first triple peel. The other TP of the weekend was by Neil Adams.”

The competitors were Neil Adams, Martin Beacon, Gary Bennett, Ian Draper, Jack Good, Clive Goode, Andrew Gregory (our very able Manager), Charles Harding, Adrian Kirby, Gordon Mills, Mark Simmerson, Ian Slater, Nick Steiner and Jonathan Wolfe.

Previous winners of both these events are as follows:

The Tompkinson Shield

2002 Paul Swaffield

2003 Henry Fellows

2004 Dave Kibble

2005 Martin Granger-Brown

2006 Martin Granger-Brown

2007 Nigel Polhill

2008 Brian Storey

2009 James Hopgood

2010 Gabrielle Higgins

2011 Nigel Polhill

2012 Paul Swaffield

2013 Richard H. Smith

2014 Andrew Gregory

2015 Andrew Gregory

2016 David Foulser

2017 Cesar Miranda Reyes

2018 Cesar Miranda Reyes

2019 Nigel Polhill

2020 Jonathan Wolfe

2021 Andrew Willis

2022 Clive Goode

2023 Jack Good

The Sally Nicholls Trophy

1995 Paul Swaffield

96 Michael Blackwell

97 Sam Tudor

98 Ben Elwell

99 Daniel Mills

2001 Bill Sidebottom

02 Alison Thursfield

03 Paul Miles

04 Silvia Steer

05 BJD Kerr

06 /07 Andrew Winn

08 Nicholas Saxton

10 Peter Wilson

11 Richard Kimberley

12 Brian Christmas

13 Ian Slatter

14/15 A. Brandwood

16 Dave Gunn

17 Adrian Morris

18 Robert Upton

19 Adam Moliver

20 not played

21 not played

22 Michael Finnegan

23 not played

24 Ged Smolskas