2023 All England AC

The knockout stage of the Peter Salter Cup is:

Paul Pristavec 26 v 13 Clive Moncrieff

Nick Pollock 18 v 26 Adrian Trickey

Matches to be played by September 17th

Final Paul Pristavec 26 v 18 Adrian Trickey

Block to be completed by 25 July. Handicap base 10.

Janet SalterXXX-13(T)-160(2)
Paul Pristavec+13(T)XXX+17+1-263(4)
Clive Moncrieff-17XXX-130(2)
Adrian Trickey-1XXX+3(T)1(2)
Nick Pollock+16+26+13-3(T)XXX3(4)