Storm Dennis

Storm Dennis on Saturday 15th February, dropped alot of rain onto the Ogmore Valley. This had nowhere to go but down, and the river, burst its banks up stream of the croquet lawns. For a while the lawns were flooded. The flood was transient. The water arrived and the water left. I cannot say the same for the muck and the mire held in suspension.
Everything in the pavilion up to twelve inches from the floor has been covered in brown slime. Mike and Kevin hosed down and brushed out the worse elements from both end rooms.
Unfortunately not so easy to put right are the many stones scoured from the car park. They cover around a hundred square yards to a depth of two or three inches. On Monday some of this was returned to the car park, by Mike and Kevin, before they started on the hut. Also on duty were Garry, John E, Sue and Rod, and a particular thank you to Marilyn and her grandson Jacob.
Lawn two may be playable before the end of the month. Lawn one will take a lot longer.