23 March 2020 Good News And Bad News

In the past week or so a lot of work has been done on the lawns. A contractor has cleared all the large stone. The last of it was cleared at about four o’clock today.

Both lawns have been mown with rotary mowers and surface pea gravel has been scooped up in the process. A fingertip clean has been undertaken and a 12 yard swath is toro ready. The toro works following an oil change or three.

The lawns have been white lined, hoops set, and we played a game or two. The first games since early January,

Since then coronavirus has has been intruding more and more into our lives. Competitive croquet with large groups has been cancelled. Small group casual croquet has been permitted as exercise, providing one maintains 2 meter social distancing.
At eight thirty pm all this changed. As part of more stringent measures, Exercise can now only be alone or with family members. This will last three weeks and be reviewed,
some hope of it being relaxed.

I speculate that next croquet will be in June.