One Ball Competitions.

Sue Mackay won both halves of the competition and wins the One Ball trophy

Peter Balchin X
Garry McElwain X-1
Chris WilliamsX
Paul Pristavec  X2
Sarah Melvin X
John Evans X
Kevin Ham-1 X2-1
Julian Langston-1X-12
Sue Mackay22X22
Rod Mackay2-1-1X
Clove Moncrief-1
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Handicap <22:5 /4.55/89/1214/18>20
Start at hoop123456

+2 points for a win, -1 point for a loss. Minimum of 4 games to be played.
Modified start details in the club room. Starting hoop depends on the handicap of each player.

Each player’s One-Ball handicap will be the lowest of (a) their AC handicap, (or effective handicap as detailed below,) (b) 2.5 times their GC handicap and (c) 20.

Peter Balchin
Garry McElwain X2
Chris Williams X
Paul Pristavec  X2
Sarah Melvin
John Evans
Kevin Ham-1 X2-1-1
Julian Langston-1X2
Sue Mackay-12-1X2
Rod Mackay2-1X
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  • AC players with a handicap of under 2, play off an effective handicap.
    1.5 becomes 1 , 1 becomes 0 , 0.5 becomes -1 , 0 becomes -2, -0.5 becomes -3
    -1 becomes -4 , -1.5 becomes -5, -2 becomes -6 , -2.5 becomes -7, -3 becomes -8
  • The higher handicapped player will get bisques equal to the difference in One-Ball handicaps, divided by three, then rounded to the nearest half. (e.g. a 10 plays a 5: 10 – 5 = 5 / 3= 1.66; therefore 1.5 bisques.)