History of the club

Following the demise of Llandovery Bowls Club in 2010 the Llandovery bowling green had fallen into disuse and it was suggested that it might be a suitable venue for a new croquet club.

On 27th April 2013 a demonstration of croquet, put on by Welsh international players Chris Williams and John Evans, was attended by about 20 local people. This proved to be a very successful event as most of those present came along to a coaching course and became club members. Equipment was borrowed from members of the Welsh Croquet Association in order that the club could get started.

On 18th June 2013  a meeting was held at the bowling green pavilion at which it was agreed that a new club, to be known as Llandovery Croquet and Bowls Club, should be formed.

The club was fortunate to receive grants from the National Lottery to fund the purchase of a new mower and various items of lawn maintenance equipment.

In 2015 the club was invited to join the newly formed Llandovery Community Sports Association in order to obtain a lease from Carmarthenshire County Council for the Bowling Green togther with the tennis courts and the Castle Fields cricket and football grounds. .