Covid-19 Rules Social Golf Croquet Club Mornings Mallets

Covid – 19 Rules and Social Golf Croquet Mornings

The Club will be shortly publishing the new Covid -19 regulations that will come into force on the 17th May and the Committee are pleased to announce the return of the Club Social Golf Croquet Club Mornings every Tuesday and Thursday starting on the 18th May.

There will be no need to book but we do need to keep a record for Track and Trace but until we can safely use the Clubhouse and record the attendance in “The Diary”, as before,   (hopefully after June 21st ) please email Hazel :-   in advance so Hazel can keep a record. To make this easier for her please put the day and date of your attendance in the subject line. 

If for some reason you are then unable to go, please let Hazel know with a subject line of Cancelled followed by the day and date.

Please check the new Covid – 19 Rules concerning the use of the Clubhouse and Mallets for your own Safety.  The Rules will be sent out as soon as they are available.


A few players have shown an interest shown in purchasing personal Mallets and the Committee are wondering if there is sufficient interest to invite Mike Percival up to show and demonstrate his well established range of Mallets.  If you would be interested in purchasing a Mallet from Mike please let Mary Moore know  at  or 01603 506169.