Tuesday and Thursday Social Golf Croquet Returns

As a result we need to even out the wear on the lawns to prevent ‘rabbit runs’ in the middle of the hoops.  For the full lawn settings (ie, not when on the hoop holes for two small lawns set ) you’ll notice two sets of hoop holes close together.  The set marked with a white spot should be used for Association Croquet Competitions and for Golf Competitions (Tournaments, Betty King Plate, singles and doubles handicap competitions, etc.). 

If you’re setting out the full lawn for Casual  Golf and AC games and practice use the holes without the dot.  These holes will be moved regularly during the season, and will always be to one side or other of the ‘Spot Hoop’ competition holes.

These Casual Hoops will be moved more often than the Hoops set for Competitive games, (the “spot”  Hoops

In the event of heavy rain washing out the Marks we are also going to use a CLOCK face to indicate which of the hoop holes are the “Casual” Hoops and which are the Competitive Hoops”.  Each “Competitive” Hoop position will be the CENTRE of a clock face with 12 O’clock  always nearest to the Model Boat Pond end of the Lawn. (North) The “Casual” Hoops will then be positioned at   2, 10, 4 and 8 o’clock in succession.

For this month the “Casual” Hoops are at 8 o’clock so when looking at each clock face the “casual”  Hoop setting is to the right of each “Competitive” Hoop at the 8 o’clock position.  These settings should be used for non competitive Golf and AC games and practice.

                  10                          2
                                 .    .

                 . 8 .                        4


Competitive games can use the Clock Centre “Competitive” Hoop Settings