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GC B League against Ipswich

Wednesday 7th July the weather started off a little overcast threatening rain. The lawns were in fine condition even after all the rain through the night. The competition started well for us with the first two double games won and all the players Trevor Jeremy Steve and David all played well with positive results of the 18 games played we won 14, the total hoops scored was Norwich 120, Ipswich 90. Good day for Norwich Croquet Club.

Norwich and Ipswich Teams at Norwich

G.C. Restricted Singles Tournament (Handicaps 1- 6)

Sunday 4th July

Originally planned as a National two-day tournament this event attracted ten entries on publication and it looked as it would be well attended. However, as in the previous year the dreaded Covid – 19 reared its ugly head and we entered into the 3rd stage of lockdown. This resulted in an immediate withdrawal of all outside contestants leaving us with a core of 5 home members and 1 guest. This was further compounded when one of the home members fractured his ankle leaving 5 contestants, and as private Fraser would say ‘We are doomed’

It was therefore, decided to re-schedule it to a one-day club event and after a trawl around the membership managed to up this figure to 8 a nice round figure. But no, about 10 days prior to the date of play we lost one more member due to a dicky hip. It was beginning to look like ‘Ten Green Bottles’.

Unable to find a replacement it was decided to go ahead with 7 players using the existing formula with one player standing out. Not to be so! at around 8 am just as the manager of the day Terrey was sitting down to his English Breakfast Private Fraser raised his unwelcome head and he received the unwelcome news that overnight another player had succumbed to illness and had to withdraw and so we were down to 6.

Now to the event itself it was decided after a quick briefing with all concerned that it would be upped to 19- point games and to make up for the time lost by losing games all would play all keeping as possible to the original format. So, against the predicted weather forecast play eventually commenced under a warm sun and pleasant day.

The first round proceeded nicely and despite the high standard of play provided no unexpectant surprises. In the second round the game between Trevor and Terrey proved so competitive and tight lasted close on to 1 hour 55 minutes and finished 10/9 with a win for Trevor. It was also interesting that at no stage did either player exceed more than 1 hoop in front of the other. On the other hand, its length meant that most of the third round had also been completed causing a backlog.

However, it soon started to become a three-horse race with Trevor, Derek and Colin all playing to a high standard. Colin managed a win against Derek but then lost to Trevor and Jeremy dropping out of the race. Meanwhile Trevor played on solidly winning all his four games ending up at the fifth round unbeaten against Derek with four wins and one game lost in what became a final play-off. In this game Derek set off at a fast pace and quickly build up a 9 – 3 position but then appeared to lose his way as Trevor in a fight back clawed his way back to 9-7 however, Derek managed to regain his composure scoring the final and decisive hoop finishing with a 10 – 7 win.

This meant that Derek and Trevor both finished on 4 wins but as Derek had beaten Trevor then Derek was declared the overall winner. Unfortunately, he was unable to be presented with the trophy because the Manager had decided to comply with the Clubs Greek Tradition by knocking the glass trophy off the table and smashing it to bits. (Lessons to be learned – don’t by glass trophies).

Overall, despite a short tropical mid-afternoon downpour a most enjoyable day.

Terrey Sparks


Dereck and Trevor do battle.