Handicap Egyptian and Ricochet

Sarah Barley finished with the highest Index  (124) in this year’s AC Handicap All Season Egyptian Competition which was completed last Monday with the “Final’s Day”. 

Jonathan Sisson finished on 122 and was the Runner up.

In total 100 games were played over the year on 24 Mondays by 14 players with John Colin playing in 28 of them and Jeremy Kitchener playing in 26.

Dear Winter Players,

Most tournaments have been decided and the change in the weather reminds us that our main season is almost at an end.

For the last few years Golf and Association players have enjoyed playing Simple Ricochet on Mondays over the winter months. We are still learning the strategy of this variation of Golf Croquet where an extra stroke is earned for running a hoop or hitting another ball. It is an excellent game for practicing these skills.

The game is a good hybrid for Golf and Association players to get together – it’s fun and turns are short so we keep warm.

It has its own strategy but it’s so long since we last played to remind us the rules as we left them are as below.

We will resume Simple Ricochet on from 11 o’clock on Monday mornings, starting on 4th October 2021.

If you plan to come please reply to q6@ntlworld.com and I’ll add you to the onscreen participants list.

Best wishes,

Jeremy K.

Simple Ricochet:

Not to be confused with the full Australian game this is a variant of Golf Croquet best played with 2 or 4 players, although odd numbers are possible with each player having a single ball.

Rules are as golf croquet plus:

  • Balls are played in sequence as in GC.
  • The 7th or 13th point is the peg.
  • An extra stroke is gained by running a hoop or by roqueting (ricocheting) another ball.
  • The extra stroke is played from where your ball lies. You do not take croquet, so there is no continuation stroke.
  • You may only ricochet each ball once in that turn unless you run a hoop.
  • If you peel any ball with a ricochet it counts for that ball’s team/owner, you still get the extra stroke – but your ball is for the next hoop.
  • If the played ball is picked up or if any ball goes out the turn ends and balls come on a yard.
  • If you hit more than one ball, it is the first one hit that counts.
  • Handicaps and time limits may be applied by choice.