Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Eaton Park Community

Centre on Saturday 29th January 2022

In the absence of the Chairman it was proposed and unanimously approved that the Secretary chair the meeting until item 6 on the agenda, the Election of the Club’s Officers.

  1. Apologies for Absence:

32 Members attended and 32 apologies for absence were recorded for the following:

Robin Farman, Jane Burton, Joy Fenton, Teresa Tarrant, Steve Tarrant, Sarah Scott, David Sisson, Bruce Sturrock, David Hamilton, Jonathan Kirby, David Wicks, John Reddish, Liz King, Terrey Sparks, Geoffrey Hardaker, Simon Draper, Rosemary Benton, Gwen Frazer, Margaret Bamford, Ronnie Gilbert, Paul Gilbert, Kath Westwell, Derek Cole, Jackie Ruffles, Sam Murray, Colin McLean, Neil Chalmers, John Leney, Simon Goodman, Jonathan Sisson, David Earl and Mike Dean.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the 2021 AGM

Minutes of last year’s Annual General Meeting had been circulated and were taken as read. The  Minutes were affirmed unanimously by the meeting.

  1. Approval of the Statement of Accounts for the year ending 31st October 2021.

The statement of accounts and balance sheet, together with a Budget for the year ahead, had been circulated.  Jeremy Moore addressed the meeting explaining that the past year had been a good one for the club financially speaking.  Income from members’ subscriptions was higher than predicted, and expenditure budgeted for, such as costs of electricity and water, had not been charged.

Peter Scott addressed the meeting to update members on the negotiations with Norwich City Council.  Following the retirement of Maggie Finck, Peter is holding discussions with her successor, Richard Green.  Replacement windows for the pavilion have been ordered and there have been productive negotiations over a new lease.  PS explained the Council wants a “cost-neutral asset” and he is working to help deliver that.  The club will be paying more this year than last.

Robert Halpin asked if the club’s insurance, arranged through the Croquet Association, covered equipment stored in the clubhouse.  JM agreed to find out.

  1. Approval of the rate of Annual Subscriptions

Jeremy Moore proposed the approval of the accounts for the year ending on 31st October 2021 and for the Club’s Annual Subscription to remain at £110 for the coming year.  This proposal was seconded by Nick Harris and affirmed unanimously by the meeting.

Nick Harris proposed a vote of thanks to Jeremy Moore for his work as Treasurer and to Robert Halpin in his role as Examiner.

  1. Reports from the Club’s Officers

The Chairman’s report had been circulated and was taken as read.  The Secretary had nothing to add to the Chairman’s account of the club’s activities last year.

Dawn Reddish raised the point that attention should be drawn to the final paragraph of the report:

Finally, at the AGM of the Croquet Association in October 2021, Nick Harris was deservedly (and belatedly) awarded a CA Diploma. These are awarded to club members who have given outstanding service to croquet and have been active in Club affairs over a long period. The Diplomas have nothing to do with croquet prowess and everything to do with the help given to other members. I am unable to imagine a more deserving recipient. The full citation may be viewed at www.croquet.org.uk/?p=home/siteinfo&Action=SiteMenu&RootAt=/tournament/ honours/caDiplomas

Dawn was thanked for drawing attention to this.

  1. Approve the amendment to clause 3 ‘Membership’ of the Constitution

The chair spoke to this amendment which was proposed by John Reddish to improve the prospects of the Club being registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC).  The new clause is designed to meet HM Government’s revised requirements to register as a CASC.

Having confirmed that this amendment is echoed by the contents of clause 10 ‘Dissolution’, already in the Constitution, the meeting voted unanimously to approve the change.

Nick Harris offered a vote of thanks to John Reddish for all his work for the club and wishing him well in his new role as Secretary of the CA.

  1. Election of the Club’s Officers and Committee

Chairman – Peter Scott – proposed by John Reddish, seconded by Hazel Medler, and elected unanimously by the meeting.

Peter Scott stepped in to chair the remainder of the meeting.  Before continuing, Peter expressed his gratitude to John Reddish for his sterling work during the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, not least for his drafting of the club’s Covid rules, which achieved a 14th version just before Christmas.

He went on to thank the outgoing Secretary for her service to the club since 2009 and moved on to electing her successor.

Secretary – Dawn Reddish – proposed by Peter Scott, seconded by Hazel Medler, and elected unanimously by the meeting.

Two Ordinary Members of the Committee are standing down, and the Chairman gave a vote of thanks to Jen Frosdick particularly for her monitoring of the clubhouse housekeeping, and to David Earl for his time on the Committee.

The persons nominated to the vacant positions:

Julia Godfrey – proposed by Hazel Medler, seconded by Peter Scott, and Jonathan Sisson – proposed by Robin Farman, seconded by Nick Harris were elected unopposed.

The Chairman put it to the meeting that as the one remaining Officer: Jeremy Moore (Treasurer), and 5 remaining Ordinary members of the Committee – David Atkinson, Robin Farman, Nick Harris, Jeremy Kitchener, and Mary Moore were all willing to stand again he proposed their re-election ‘en bloc’, which was approved unanimously by the meeting.

  1. Appointment of the Honorary Examiner

Robert Halpin was proposed by Jeremy Moore, seconded by Hazel Medler, and elected unanimously by the meeting.

  1. Presentation of the Trophies

The Chairman presented the following Club trophies for the 2021 season:

Betty King Plate Winner: Kay Jefford

Joint Rs/u – Lavinia Bailey and Donald Holdgate – Lavinia to hold the trophy for the first six months.

Nick Harris reported that the winner of the AC Egyptian competition was Sarah Barley who had already been presented with the trophy.

  1. Any Other Business

There were no items under A.O.B.

The meeting closed at 10.32am.