Private Corporate Events, Club or Group Sessions

We  also able to put on Private/Corporate Group Sessions for Clubs, Societies or Business Houses for up to 16 people at a time. 

Sessions would be 3 – 4 hours in duration and there is a choice of morning, afternoon or evening sessions on weekdays or at the weekend.  The basic cost is £10.00 per person per session including tea or coffee and biscuits, the provision of other refreshments at cost is also possible.   

A session would include demonstrations of and the practice of basic skills using hoops, balls and mallets provided by the club, simple instructions on how to play golf or association croquet and then a chance to put everything together in real games. All your Group need to provide are their own flat soled shoes to play in and clothing suitable for the time of year. 

Should you wish to arrange Corporate Event at the Club or want any other information please use the email address on Contact Us